Collection: Getting started with Curve

Think of our friends at Curve as a secure digital version of your purse or wallet. A safe and trusted digital wallet where you can store all the bank cards from your old wallet or purse. No need to carry every single card with you. No more rooting through your purse, wallet, or pocket for the right card to use. No more trying to remember all those different PIN numbers. 1 PIN. 1 card. 1 Wearable......or maybe a few.

Curve will not perform any credit checks either or leave any markers on your credit report to open your new digital wallet account. Us here at Twinn, think that is rather marvellous.

What cards can I add to my Curve wallet?

You can add most of your Visa, Mastercard®, Diners Club, Discover debit and credit cards to your Curve digital wallet. It doesn't matter if the card is virtual or physical – if Curve canvsupport it, you shouldn't have any problem adding it to your Curve Wallet!

Follow the instructions on how to add your card to your Curve wallet here.

Please note, your first card must be a UK or European Economic Area (EEA) issued debit or credit card. You're welcome to add non-EEA cards once you receive and activate your Curve card - however you may be charged a fee when making transactions using these cards, you can read more about International card fees here.

How do they know which of my cards to use when I make a payment, I hear you ask?

Well, simply set-up all your smart rules in your Curve digital app and let Curve do all their clever stuff in the background. The right card for the right purchase, every single time. Supermarket? Use my debit card, and don’t forget to use my club card as well! Transport? Put that on my credit card. Retail? Use my points credit card for this.

Another great thing about joining our friends at Curve is that as soon as you’ve joined them, your card details are available, immediately, in the Curve app. This means you can link your Curve card to your Twinn wearable and be spending before you know it. You can then make everyday payments up to £100 in the UK and for any value using your Curve PIN outside of the UK. Plus, with your Twinn wearable always at hand and not hidden away in your bag, purse or wallet, your money is safe and continually within your eyesight.

Sidenote: just in case your Twinn wearable is delivered, and you have forgotten about our friends at Curve. Click here to open your account.

Please keep your Curve card somewhere safe.

Our friends at Curve comply with SCA (Strong Customer Authentication) regulations to keep your Curve account and your connected bank account money safe.

Don't worry every time you use your physical Curve card all counters and limits will be automatically reset

Now let's talk wearable limits which is important to know because that's what you really need to know.

Once you’ve made a number of contactless transactions that adds up to £300 it's likely your next contactless payment will decline. Nothing to worry about, this is just the system protecting your money and making sure you're still in possession of your wearable. You'll just need the physical Curve card and make a standard Chip and PIN transaction, this will reset your limits, satisfy the system and you're back off on your merry way.

Depending on the country you are in, there are different values that will trigger the Strong Customer Authentication and you can find the full list right here.

You can find your Curve card PIN in the Curve app by following this pathway

  • Log into the Curve app
  • Select the Launchpad icon at the bottom of the screen
  • Select the Account icon - it's the first one in the list
  • Select the Card Details icon
  • See card PIN
box opening

Need support?

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Check out our FAQ where you will find most of the answers.