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We are living in exponential times, my Friends. Every choice, every click, and every payment will expand your digital footprint. But with so many ways to pay, different cards for different rewards, and our personal data being bought and sold like in an opaque market, it’s easy for people to lose control of their customer identity. Twinn believes you should have complete autonomy over your life as a customer and we want to put that control back in your hands, but we need your help

Today, payments are still made by a plastic card, delivered to your front door, posted through your letterbox, stuck to a piece of paper, with all your details, card number, name, address, all on display for anyone to intercept and see. We then take that piece of plastic, place it in our bag, purse, or wallet until it’s needed, often leaving it out of arm's reach, out of sight, vulnerable even!

Twinn is changing this by innovating the world of passive (no battery needed) payment wearables. Your wearable will arrive at your home containing no sensitive information, but still powered by the ability to link your Curve card number to your wearable, all through your mobile device. Now, we know that you Curve card will arrive at your house via the same means and the difference here is that no secret information is in the Curve app at this point.

Linking your Curve card to your wearable is called tokenisation, but we like to keep it simple here and call it ‘Card Linking’. The best part about ‘Card Linking’? This process replaces the Primary Account Number (PAN, the long sensitive number on the front of your card) with randomly generated tokens which, if intercepted, contains no sensitive cardholder information. It’s useless to hackers, skimmers and anyone else’s grubby mitts who want to get their hands on it. Isn’t that the kind of security we are looking for?

Why can't I use my phone?

Well, the simple answer to this my friend is that you can, no problem and Godspeed. We are not replacing anything here, just making life a little easier. Think about how quickly we all adapted to adding our bank cards to our mobiles because it just made sense. I always have my phone, so storing my card in my phone means I always have my bank card with me. Simple.

At least it is simple…. until it’s raining, you try performing face ID in a dark place, or head out for a swim at the beach or pool with no phone or even worse than all of that…. your battery dies, just when you need it the most. You see, if you always have your Twinn to hand, you never need to worry. You have all your cards at your fingertips, literally!

Our wearables are the smarter way to pay, a digital extension of you. Twinn wants to give you control over how you pay in a simple, contactless form, but there is so much more. Join our Twinn community and pay smarter…

Your ring is designed concentrically but we understand that not everyone knows what this means so let us explain how this thing works. 

Imagine this, placing your ring flat on a table.

The magic will travel out from the top and the bottom of your ring. If you look over at the top of your ring with it placed flat on the table, the magic will travel up and hit you in the square in the face.

When wearing your ring the magic will always come out from the top and the bottom no matter how many weird hand shapes you try to make.

The magic does NOT come out from the sides of your ring my friend!

Fear not, this sounds like a lot of hard work but once you have used your ring once, you will easily get the hang of it.

Remember that not all payment terminals and transport readers are the same, so please look for where the contactless symbol is placed on each device you encounter on your travels and place you closed fist over the contactless symbol.

Whilst there is a lot of magic in your ring, it’s not a miracle worker. So please place your fist over the contactless symbol and hold it steady and wait for the beep. If you do not hear a beep, try moving your hand to another part of the payment terminal and hold steady.

You ring has been stress tested many times before it is sent to you, so if it does not work, I am afraid you are doing it wrong my friend, reach out to us, we are here to help you.


  1. Make a fist
  2. Place the flat part of your fingers on the terminal
  3. Hold your ring steady and in place


  1. Do NOT place your hand flat on the payment terminal, this just won’t work
  2. Do NOT try to fist bump the payment terminal this just won’t work… it’s not your friend
  3. Do NOT use the back of your hand, this just won’t work
  4. Do NOT jazz hand it, this just won’t work
  5. Lastly, please do NOT rush your payment. Hold steady until you hear the beep.

When it comes to our Twinn Bracelet collection, things are even simpler. Your bracelet will have a centre bead which has an engraving on it. Simply place the engraved part of the bead over the contactless symbol on the payment terminal or transport gate reader and well, that’s it.



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