Collection: What if the terminal doesn't respond to my wearable?

Oh no!!

This isn't the beautiful relationship we saw written in the stars for you and your wearable. We're here for you with tea, sympathy and some top advice to get things and back on track!

First thing is to check that you're using your wearable properly (we've all been known to speed read instructions when we're excited). Check here for the correct presentations of wearable to terminal.

Below are our proven suggestions and tips to help restore your inner peace and Twinn harmony.

  1. Twinn rings are designed to work just like these instructions so if you've been trying some other technique it just won't work.
  2. It's really important that your wearable is held steady and in place on the contactless area, giving the terminal and wearable all the time they need to whisper sweet messages to each other and complete your transaction.
  3. You'll have probably spotted that the world of terminals is gloriously varied (the site of a terminal we've not seen before can cause quite a stir in our offices let me tell you), so have a look for the contactless sign and that's where you want to present your wearable.
  4. Like all of us, terminals can have their off days or transactions where they're just not on their A-Game meaning that they don't initiate as quickly as we would expect. In these circumstances, we ask that you take a breath, empathise with the terminal having a tough day and present your wearable again - holding it steady and in place for at least 5 seconds.
  5. If your wearable is a ring, you may find that some strange terminals respond when the ring is taken off and held directly on the contactless area, think of this as allowing the terminal some proper quality time with your awesome wearable.
  6. If you're wearing other metal jewellery this can interfere with the special relationship between your wearable and the terminal, so give them some space.

Finally, If none of that helped, just contact our soothing support team via and we will be there with our shoulders to cry on - helping you through this blip.

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