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Twinn Account Terms and Conditions


Tokenise/ tokenisation - the act of linking your payment card to your wearable.

Card issuer - a financial institution that issues payment cards.

Twinn sale channels - and retail events supported by Twinn.


You need to be 18 to join Twinn.

You will tokenise your wearable to your card via the Twinn app.

Please see Twinn website for full list of supported card issuers.

If your card issuer is not shown on the Twinn website, we recommend that you apply for a card from one of the card issuers shown. 

Twinn accept no liability for the acceptance or rejection of your application by the card issuers that can be added to a Twinn account.

The transactions permitted using your wearable are subject to the Terms and Conditions of your card issuer. 

By using your Twinn wearable, you provide your consent for all transaction data that is generated whilst using your wearables to made available to Twinn.

Twinn have no influence on the transactions that can be made, or the merchants you can transact with using your wearable.

All transactions and matters relating to transactions and activity on your linked card  account must be directed to your card issuer.

Twinn does not have direct access to your linked card account and cannot manage it or provide any support regarding queries, which must be directed directly to your card issuer.

Twinn cannot provide support for transaction queries or matters relating to the card account that your wearable is linked to.

You must only link your wearable to cards that have been issued to you. 

You are responsible for all cards linked to your wearable and for the correct use of those cards.

Twinn accepts no liability for fraudulent or disputed transactions made using your wearable.

Your wearable has a 3 year expiry from when you first tokenise it. At the expiry point your wearable will no longer function and you will not be able to make further transactions with it, this includes purchases and refunds.

Twinn does not provide support for wearables bought outside of Twinn sales channels

or via third parties.

If your wearable is lost or stolen or you damage it, you will need to purchase a replacement at the current selling price.

If you are concerned that you have lost your wearable or that it is being used fraudulently you must suspend it via the Twinn app immediately.

Should you wish to stop using your wearable Twinn advise that you un-link it from all cards.

You should not sell, gift or transfer your wearable post activation. 

If your card issuer ceases to operate you can remove that card from your wearable and add a new one.

Twinn reserves the right to make changes to all Terms and Conditions at any time. The Terms and Conditions will be available via the Twinn website, if you disagree with the updates please contact us. If you do not contact us to state your opposition to the update it will be assumed that you are in agreement with the changes.

Twinn reserves the right to terminate the Twinn service at any point, providing 3 months notice.

If your wearable is tokenised and you do not use it for 12 months, Twinn reserves the right to close your account.

Where a mobile device operating system version (such as iOS or Android) becomes unsupported/ is deprecated by the service provider (such as Apple or Google) Twinn reserve the right to withdraw support of the app on that operating service version.

The Twinn app is only available for download on iOS and Android. The app is not supported on phones that have been jailbroken or modified.

Twinn accounts are managed via the Twinn app, a desktop alternative is not available.

The Twinn app is not available for download to tablet devices or smart watches. 

If you change your operating service to one which is unsupported by Twinn, your app may fail to operate correctly, if at all. Twinn do not provide any refunds or protections against this.

If your operating system is not supported by the Twinn app at the time when you register your wearable Twinn will not provide an alternative operating system and your app may not operate as expected, if at all.

To cancel your Twinn account, please use the ‘Delete account’ function in the app.

Planned maintenance and service downtimes will occur to ensure that the app and service are kept up to date. These will be scheduled to produce the minimum amount of disruption to all users.

Where unplanned outages occur the Twinn status page will be updated as soon as possible with time frames and status updates. 

Compensation for loss of Twinn Application service access / function during these times will not be available.

For full details about returns, exchanges and warranty claims please see the Returns, Exchanges and Warranty procedure available via

Should you have any feedback or comments about your wearable or Twinn please contact our team via

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