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Can I accidentally pay for something?

Just like with your bank card, this is technically possible, but only if the point-of-sale terminal is ready to accept a contactless payment at the exact same time your wearable happens to be within 0-3 cm of the terminal and you are making the required payment gesture to fire up your Twinn. Its highly unlikely, unless you're a super kind friend / person who likes to lean over the person in front of them in the queue to pay for their goods.

How secure is it?

Let's put this way, if this was school-ground battle with your old contactless card, your Twinn would win the fight for being more secure! It's the same (and much newer and stronger) transaction security that Apple Pay or Google Pay also use.

Can I pause or suspend my wearable? What happens if I lose it?

First take a deep breath and don't panic - it's all possible here at Twinn! You can suspend your wearable in the app at any time. Simply toggle your payment card to 'Inactive' in wearable section of the app. If you know you have definitely lost it, immediately contact our team via Remember your Curve card itself, is not compromised, so keep on using it as normal!

Is my money safe with Twinn? Are you regulated by the FCA?

Twinn does not have access to any monies in the accounts your linked card draws via the Curve wallet. Therefore, since we are not a Financial business / institution, Twinn can't be regulated by the FCA as we do not have access to your money. Of course, our friends at Curve are fully regulated and their website can provide you all the lovely details around this...

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