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Hey, we've all been there, thinking we're asking a silly question for everyone else to be like 'Yeah.....I was wondering about that.....' so come on in, we're here to help.

Where can I pay with my Twinn wearable?

You can use your Twinn wearable at any contactless point, anywhere in the world, my friends! But, if you're not sure, just either ask if they accept contactless or look for the contactless symbol which is four curved waves and looks similar to the Wi-Fi symbol. You can tell if a payment reader will accept contactless payments if you can see the contactless symbol on the machine! Also, If your Curve card has any restrictions on where you can use your card, these restrictions will be in place when using your wearable.

How do I size myself? What if I get my size wrong?

The most accurate way to get your ring size is to go to a jeweller to get professionally measured. Remember, Twinn rings are in full (so not half) sizes such as 5,6,7 etc. From experience, we always suggest if you are a half size, to go up in size. If you can't be bothered (we get it!), then you can print off or request one of our Big T for Twinn measuring devices. If after all that, it still isn't right, the lovely people here at Twinn will let you return your ring for a brand new one, in the right size, as per our terms and conditions.

Can I use my wearable on transport networks? Can I add my wearable to my transport network account?

Yes, as long as your card issuer allows these transactions, your Twinn will too! Once you've added the details for the card that 'sits behind' your Curve account, there is nothing more to do.

Can I pass my wearable to someone else once I've tokenised it?

No! Passing your wearable to someone else is not allowed because tokenisation creates a unique account assigned to you. We do not provide support for wearables that have been passed to a 3rd party post-tokenisation or sold (pre or post-tokenisation).

Will my wearable expire? Why? When? What happens?

To ensure that we keep your Twinn wearable and account as safe as possible, your wearable needs an expiry date. This ensures that Twinn wearables have the current safety and security features in place. The expiry of a wearable is determined by your wearable serial number - please contact support and we'll get you what you need!

How do I charge it?

Great news! Your wearable is what we call a passive device and doesn't need charging.  All the power it needs is generated when the wearable is presented to a payment terminal, just like your physical card.

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